About Dryeco

Our Environmental Pledge

Making you look good is what we do for a living, and that’s just the easy part. It’s the how we do it that we take pride in. Our dedication to environmental sustainability and our continuous efforts to lower our carbon footprint makes Dryeco the most eco-friendly dry cleaners in Florida.

On top of that, you don’t even need to make the extra stop to the cleaners, we’ll come to you almost anywhere in Miami-Dade and Broward. Whether you’re at home, at your office, or on your yacht, we’ll come pick-up your garments and deliver them back to you.

So what else makes Dryeco exceptional? There are at least another dozen reasons, but that… is for you to discover!

Gentle on your skin. Gentle on your clothes!

95% of the cleaners in Florida clean your clothes with toxic products!

Isn’t it terrifying to know that the clothes you wear all day or the comforter you sleep in has been soaked in toxic PERC? – A petroleum based volatile compound that has been qualified as a “possible to probable carcinogen” by the Environmental Protection Agency.

At Dryeco, we use K4®, a dry cleaning process that is completely safe. It has no hazardous chemicals. No PERC. No petroleum. So there is no risk to the water, air or soil. It’s friendly to your nose, and gentle to your skin. And your clothes? They love it too! No shrinkage or faded colors, and the whites stay white!

But we do much more than delicately clean your clothes with eco-friendly solvents. All of our other detergents, degreasers and softeners are also friendly to Mother Nature. And when it comes to efficiency, we make sure that all our water and energy is used in the most appropriate manner limiting waste completely.

We also offer you two free laundry bags, so you never have to use a disposable plastic bag again. But that’s not all, even part of our packaging is either degradable or made of post-consumer products.

And the hangers? We take them back, so give them to our driver next time he comes around. Because sometimes seeing is believing, just let us know and we’ll give you a free tour of our facility!