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What do you get when you put together two organizations whose goal is to promote the good of the environment? Through each organization’s efforts, environmental changes will be effected, people will be educated and more of the community will be engaged. This is exactly the goal of the partnership created between Dryeco Cleaners and Ecomb.org.

To give you an idea about what these two separate entities do, here’s a quick introduction of each.

First, Dryeco Cleaners is a Miami-based dry cleaning company founded in 2007. When you visit the website of Dryeco Cleaners, you will be able to access the Environmental Pledge that they have which just goes to show how committed they are to helping save the environment.

Dryeco Cleaners has the GreenEarth Cleaning seal, which simply means that instead of using environmentally-harsh solvents and chemicals to run their business, they use GreenEarth Cleaning products instead. Right now, Dryeco is one of the most successful and fastest-growing dry cleaning company in the Miami-Dade area.

So what about Ecomb.org which forged a partnership with Dryeco Cleaners? Basically, ECOMB is an environmental non-profit organization founded in 1994. Their goal as a non-profit organization is to promote environmental sustainability while preserving the community’s ecology at the same time. Here’s a quick look at the objectives that ECOMB has as an environmental community:

  • To help reduce the amount of litter in the beaches within the Miami-Dade county.
  • To improve the country’s recycling rate.
  • To promote, preserve and restore coastal habitats.
  • To decrease the community’s carbon footprint.

The reason why ECOMB forges a partnership with businesses like Dryeco is to work with other entities like national non-profit organizations, schools and other government agencies to conduct the eco-friendly projects that they have.

It is no wonder why ECOMB has chosen to work along with Dryeco Cleaners – because since its inception, the business has already built a name for itself by being one of the greenest – if not the greenest – dry cleaning companies in the Miami-Dade area. They even have the GreenEarth Cleaning seal to show for it.

Through the partnership that Dryeco and ECOMB has, more and more members of the Miami-Dade community will become aware of what businesses and non-profit organizations are doing to help save the environment – so that they will hopefully do their share in saving Mother Nature, too.

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