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Free pickup, “Kinder to your clothes”, “Service with a smile” – these are the things about their service that local dry cleaning companies offer to their customers. Another item to add to the list is their being environmentally conscious. But what does being an eco-friendly dry cleaning company really mean?

As the name implies, eco-friendly dry cleaning is all about performing your duties to clean clothes using the dry cleaning method – without putting the environment in any undue risks. Back in the days when dry cleaning companies first became popular, the only way that you can get your clothes spick-and-span is after they have gone through several harsh chemical treatments to remove stains and disinfect the fabric. There would even be times when the material will shrink because of the solvents used to clean the garment.

Fortunately, the dry cleaning method used today is much kinder to your clothes – and is really eco-friendly. This is especially true with the dry cleaning services offered by Dryeco.com. When you visit our website, you can check out the “Environmental Pledge” that we have. As a Florida-based dry cleaning company, Dryeco Green Cleaners is aware that our direct competitors – almost 95% of them – use toxic products to clean your clothes.

Naturally, we cannot stick to our Environmental Pledge if we also make use of harsh chemicals and solvents to dry clean your clothes – so it’s something that we tried to do away with. Instead of using toxic chemicals which also double up as possible carcinogens, Dryeco make use of the GreenEarth dry cleaning process. The process eliminates the need for petroleum or any kind of toxic chemical to treat your clothes with – so there’s absolutely no harm to the environment.

Another factor that you need to consider when choosing which dry cleaning company to go with is the safety of the chemicals that they are using to the wearer of the garment. As mentioned earlier, there are certain toxic chemicals, which can become carcinogens when it comes in contact with your skin – and that is not a risk that you need to put yourself under when you have your clothes dry cleaned by Dryeco Dry Cleaners.

Aside from using environment-friendly solvents and human-friendly detergents, Dryeco Dry Cleaners also offers two free laundry bags to customers, biodegradable or post-consumer packaging, and we even reuse hangers! These and more are the self-implemented environmental policies that we stick to here at Dryeco Dry Cleaners to ensure that our operations are 100% safe for Mother Nature.

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