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Unless you want to ruin a perfectly good, expensive suit, which was stained by the cologne that your aunt or grandma wore during the holidays when you got a hug from her – it’s a good guess that you would occasionally require the services of a dry cleaning company. It’s the next best thing to keeping the pristine condition of the designer dress or Italian coat that you have.

However, the dry cleaning industry’s reputation was seemingly smeared with the existence of PERC or Perchloroethylene. It’s a solvent used by almost 90% of the dry cleaning companies from around the world. Based from the data gathered by Greenpeace, a worldwide environmental organization, thousands of tons of solvent are used on an annual basis by the dry cleaning companies all across the US and Canada.

So how did this seemingly typical dry cleaning chemical become a cause of alarm for environmentalists? The reasons are actually numerous. Aside from causing harm to Mother Nature, PERC is also a chemical, which can put your health in undue risks. To give you an idea about why this dry cleaning solvent is a no-no, take a look at its possible effects to both the environment and humans who are wearing dry-cleaned clothes treated with PERC:

  • The chemical contaminates one-fourth of the US drinking water supply, based from a study conducted by government agencies.
  • PERC has by-products including hazardous gases which are dangerous in enclosed spaces; carcinogens; liver toxins; and other harmful chemicals used as herbicides.
  • Dry cleaning workers who are constantly exposed to the chemical PERC may develop serious health problems over time as a result of exposure to the solvent.

Dryeco Cleaners Offer PERC-Free Dry Cleaning Services

Based from the aforementioned list, it is easy to see why the dominant use of PERC in the dry cleaning industry has been a cause of alarm to most environmentalists. If you want to do your share in saving Mother Nature, then you need to make sure that the dry cleaning company who you will hire to clean your clothes for you does not use this harmful chemical at all.

That is exactly the edge that we have here at Dryeco. We are among the very few dry cleaning company in this part of the country wholly certified by the GreenCleanersCouncil.com. The GreenEarth and Wet Cleaning methods that we use to clean our customers’ garments are 100% PERC-free, making us one of the most eco-friendly dry cleaners in South Florida.

At the end of the day, doing your share to stop the ruination of the environment is all a matter of learning how to choose your service providers carefully. When it comes to the dry cleaning services that you require, it does pay to go for a company which has already eliminated the use of the harmful chemical PERC – and that’s exactly what Dryeco Cleaners can offer you.

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