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No matter which industry it is that a business is in, there would always be standards that they need to stick to in order to ensure quality across the board.  Here at Dryeco, our goal is not just to stick to the industry standards, but even excel the expectations of our direct competitors, colleagues, suppliers and clients. This is especially true when it comes to the ways that we observe to ensure that our business has a 100% green operation.

It’s precisely the reason why Dryeco has become one of the very few dry cleaning companies in the Miami Dade County area, which is wholly certified by the Green Cleaners Council.

A Glimpse at the Rating System Enforced by the Green Cleaners Council

First, what exactly is the Green Cleaners Council and what makes their certification so important for those who are in the dry cleaning industry? Basically, they are an organization whose mission is to provide consumers with a way to measure just how green their dry cleaning company is. In addition they also provide professional cleaners a way to tell their own clients about just how eco-friendly they are through the help of the Green Cleaners Council seal – something that you can see in our Dryeco.com website.

Next, here are some of the factors that the Green Cleaners Council consider when providing certification to a dry cleaning company like Dryeco.com:

  • What are your wetcleaning capabilities?
  • How do you recycle hangers, plastic, water, etc.?
  • What type of technology do you invest in which exceeds the existing government environmental regulations?
  • How about water and energy conservation, or the use of an alternative energy program?
  • Does your company provide education and training in environmental regulations, as well as wetcleaning technical training to employees?

Dryeco wouldn’t have obtained the nod of the Green Cleaners Council if we weren’t able to meet the standards that they have, based from our answers to the sample questionnaire.

What’s good about the standards that the Green Cleaners Council is enforcing is that because more and more dry cleaning companies would like to earn their certification – business owners are actually investing in equipment and training to have a more eco-friendly operation! This will benefit the dry cleaning industry as a whole.

More importantly, if all dry cleaning companies would have the Green Cleaners Council certification that Dryeco has – the industry would lose its reputation as being harmful to the environment, which would benefit clients and business owners, as well as Mother Nature.

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