Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners in Miami Beach

Florida’s first eco-friendly full dry-cleaning and laundry service is now serving Miami Beach. Using green cleaning methods, while providing expert service here at Dryeco we offer everything from shoe repairs to couture garment alterations. Our free pick-up and delivery service saves you time and money, serving you anywhere from your home, office, or anywhere in between. We always put our customers first, but we feel like we have a responsibility to our planet to use the most environmentally conscious cleaning practices we possibly can. Our business model aims to provide friendly customer service with efficient cleaning practices, all while leaving as little impact on our home planet as we possibly can..

Dry Cleaning Services

  • Free pick up and delivery
  • Dry Cleaning and Laundry
  • Couture Garment Cleaning
  • Corporate dry cleaning/office delivery
  • Wedding Gown Cleaning
  • Shoe Repair
  • Rugs
  • Alterations
Why Choose Dryeco for your dry cleaning needs?

We offer a vast variety of services, from everyday garments to delicate haute couture pieces, shoe repairs to garment alteration, we do it all. Our services also include free drop off and pick up to your home or office, saving our customers time and money. Our dedicated personnel provide friendly customer service and expert practices, taking care of your garments as if they belonged to them. You can reach us at (305) 933-2400 to sign up for Dryeco’s green dry cleaning services.

Corporate Dry Cleaning Service- Miami Beach

We understand how costly it can be for companies that do their laundry in bulk, that’s why here at Dryeco we offer our corporate program, bringing up to 30% in savings. Not only will you save on laundry, but we also offer free delivery and pick-up saving your company time. To sign up just give us a call and we’ll send a representative over as soon as possible with a starter kit. The hospitality industry is one of South Florida’s driving economic forces, that’s why here at Dryeco we understand how important it is to have expert laundry service. Our experience comes from already serving dozens of hotels throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties. we provide businesses, hotels, restaurants, etc. expert dry cleaning services that will keep guests garments, employee uniforms, linens and tablecloths crisp and clean.

Hotel Dry Cleaning Service in Miami Beach

South Florida’s economy flourishes from its tourism and hospitality industry. Already serving dozens of hotels all around Miami-Dade and Broward counties, here at Dryeco we have the experience necessary to provide expert service to local hotels. We understand the vast amounts of laundry that goes through a hotel daily, from guests clothing, to employee uniforms and linens.