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The Ratings System of the Green Cleaners Council

No matter which industry it is that a business is in, there would always be standards that they need to stick to in order to ensure quality across the board.  Here at Dryeco, our goal is not just to stick to the industry standards, but even excel the expectations of our direct competitors, colleagues, suppliers and clients. This is especially true when it comes to the ways that we observe to ensure that our business has a 100% green operation.

It’s precisely the reason why Dryeco has become one of the very few dry cleaning companies in the Miami Dade County area, which is wholly certified by the Green Cleaners Council.

A Glimpse at the Rating System Enforced by the Green Cleaners Council

First, what exactly is the Green Cleaners Council and what makes their certification so important for those who are in the dry cleaning industry? Basically, they are an organization whose mission is to provide consumers with a way to measure just how green their dry cleaning company is. In addition they also provide professional cleaners a way to tell their own clients about just how eco-friendly they are through the help of the Green Cleaners Council seal – something that you can see in our Dryeco.com website.

Next, here are some of the factors that the Green Cleaners Council consider when providing certification to a dry cleaning company like Dryeco.com:

  • What are your wetcleaning capabilities?
  • How do you recycle hangers, plastic, water, etc.?
  • What type of technology do you invest in which exceeds the existing government environmental regulations?
  • How about water and energy conservation, or the use of an alternative energy program?
  • Does your company provide education and training in environmental regulations, as well as wetcleaning technical training to employees?

Dryeco wouldn’t have obtained the nod of the Green Cleaners Council if we weren’t able to meet the standards that they have, based from our answers to the sample questionnaire.

What’s good about the standards that the Green Cleaners Council is enforcing is that because more and more dry cleaning companies would like to earn their certification – business owners are actually investing in equipment and training to have a more eco-friendly operation! This will benefit the dry cleaning industry as a whole.

More importantly, if all dry cleaning companies would have the Green Cleaners Council certification that Dryeco has – the industry would lose its reputation as being harmful to the environment, which would benefit clients and business owners, as well as Mother Nature.

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Dryeco’s Environmental Pledge & the GreenEarth Cleaning Seal

You don’t have to be a tree-hugging environmentalist to know that in your own little way, you need to take steps in order to help stop the ruin of the environment. Since the film “An Inconvenient Truth” came out a few years ago, the entire world has been abuzz about the term climate change – and there’s absolutely no reason for us to stop our Earth-saving efforts now.

Even if you’re not a staunch supporter of environmental organizations like GreenPeace, you can do your share by patronizing only companies which has 100% green operation. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a Miami-based company called Dryeco – and a truly green operation is what they promised me as a customer. And I believe them. One look at the official website of Dryeco and you will already see that they have this Environmental Pledge, which indicates that they have a PERC-free operation.

Instead of using the harsh chemicals and solvents like PERC to dry clean clothes, they actually have obtained the GreenEarth Cleaning seal.

Dryeco is one of the few companies in the Miami-Dade area which successfully obtained the GreenEarth Cleaning stamp of approval. So what does this mean, exactly? GreenEarth Cleaning is actually the world’s largest solution provider for eco-friendly dry cleaning.

As mentioned earlier, companies like Dryeco do not use harmful chemicals like PERC anymore, so GreenEarth cleaning is the more eco-friendly alternative.  The company was founded in 1999 and since then, they have already been providing a solution for dry cleaning companies to literally clean up their act and stop using solvents and chemicals which pollute the environment.

This alternative solution comes in the form of liquid silicone, the ‘mother material’ of which is silica or sand. If you’re not already familiar with the dry cleaning process, it actually uses a liquid other than water to remove stains on garments. So when you get the services of a company like Dryeco which has the GreenEarth Cleaning seal, you can rest assured that they are only using the safe alternative to harsh PERCT – and that’s none other than liquid silicone. The good news for homeowners is that not only will you be able to do your share in helping save the environment by getting the services of a company like Dryeco. The end result is that you will also enjoy a gentler treatment on your clothes, restoring the suppleness and smoothness of the original fabric while taking care of even the most delicate fabrics at the same time.

With Dryeco’s Environmental Pledge and GreenEarth Cleaning’s seal of approval, you can send your garments to the dry cleaners with no guilt – because you know that the process that they are using is 100% safe for the environment and to you as the wearer of the clothes.

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Miami Dry Cleaning Services

All property differs, but cleaning services always should be the same perfect either. Our team members listen carefully and understand your requirements. Miami dry cleaning provide such service that is to fit both your lifestyle as well as your budget. If you eve have needs up to cleaning service, our friendly staffers are able to assist you with your cleaning issues.

You can trust eco dry cleaning service, because our Miami dry cleaning provides all its services with lots of care. Our staff is truly dedicated to performing you with a well-done job. We do the eco dry cleaning to be outstanding, so we check every time over if anything has been missed.

Having a great reputation in professional eco dry cleaning service, we are proud of what we do and the way it’s performed. Our eco dry cleaning services have methodical approach to the cleaning process in whole.

We possess of such services, providing brilliant domestic cleaning services. Our experienced professional cleaning Company is developing constantly in cleaning services. The cleaning services are one of the fastest growing industries nowadays, where domestic services are the most often used services among the other ones.

We sure that quality should be at affordable prices, so we do our best in providing a value-for-money service according to all cleaning aspects. We perform such the domestic cleaning services, which usually based on long-term relationship up to the customer. We have individual approach fro each our customer and, of course, appreciate individual demands and needs.

Our staffers always will give you a hand with advising and recommending the best options and strategy for your property. So, your home will be supplied with capable and highly trained maids. Our team is a really dedicated one and always provides our clients with quality domestic and other cleaning services. Our goal is to perform excellent care for each customer and to provide professionally performed cleaning services daily, weekly, monthly and so on.

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Miami Carpet Dry Cleaning

At our eco dry cleaning Miami Company we are specialized in area according to rug cleaning in  Florida. As to our  rug cleaning Miami department, be sure that your rugs will be treated up to a luxurious cleaning that removes all the soils and bring brightness to the colours giving them second life. Eco dry cleaning Miami Company are to assist you with the soft textures in a such a way you remember the way they have looked when these textures were new.

Nevertheless you have residential or commercial carpet, we are equipped for performing the appropriate cleaning technique. Our team consists of highly experienced staff and has all training skills to provide the best results up to the cleaning process. Our team is able to provide stubborn stains removal.

Our cleaning Miami services are only non-toxic, safe and of highly effective components. These ingredients are environmentally friendly and really safe according to your pets and children. So, talking about dry cleaning process, the first thing is pre-cleaning inspection of our staffers that then have a recommendation up to the cleaning procedure that would work more properly up to your carpet condition.

Proper cleaning involves professional view at your garments as well as to have different cleaning techniques that is as a kind of being ensured with the cleaning results. Our equipment will remove soil effectively from your carpet. Our dry cleaning Miami service guarantee all our work is directed on our customer’s satisfaction with the dry cleaning results.
Everyone of us knows that clean apartment is full of happiness and and health. Therefore, eco dry cleaning techniques deliver healthier and deeper cleaning.

Our eco dry cleaning Miami Company doesn’t have any harsh chemicals, so using our dry cleaning services is really safe and non-toxic for your family, colleagues and also pets. If you are looking for proficient and skilled carpet cleaning, then our dry eco cleaning services are available to serve you.

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Cleaning Services For Making Your Premises Stand Out

Dry cleaning Miami Beach services are the basic and obviously the most important aspects of any kind of organization. Thus, our Company has a complete range of eco dry cleaning services starting from household cleaning to the more complex that is a commercial cleaning.

Our main goal is to fulfill your requirements beyond expectations through the practice of our eco dry cleaning services and innovative techniques operated by our highly trained staff. We develop flexible and effective dry cleaning Miami Beach programs that simplify tasks up to cleaning issues. The thing’s here is to avoid unnecessary charges to meet every individual needs.

The key for quality cleaning is detailed attention to deliver the best services. We ensure every area we clean each spot from top to bottom. Your satisfaction of cleaning services is our satisfaction up to your needs. So, in a case you are ready for a spotless office, call the dryeco green cleaners Company and we will offer you our dry cleaning Miami Beach services and you won’t be disappointed. We have spotless reputation and guarantee unbeatable results of cleaning services.

Our staff is specially trained according to the most effective and modern office cleaning techniques. Our Company professionals work diligently knowing product usage and safety procedures ensuring that all cleaning service plans are provided with the highest industry standards. Our main aim is to utilize quality control programs. Our staff constantly monitor work and, of course, encourage customer communication and heighten the level of cleaning services.

Our eco dry cleaning services provide liability as well as in a case property damage coverage. All our employees are screened for your protection. Our team do more than simply wash windows, clean your floors and so on; we maintain your clean and healthy home via green cleaning, so you don’t even have to think about it. Thus, choosing the right service is really decision that directs quality of life. We take care of every cleaning issue you need, so there will be freedom for you and you will spend your time doing the the most important things for you.