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Dryeco Featured in Miami’s Community Newspapers for their Coronavirus Heroes Tribute Issue

Dryeco in Community NewspapersArticle in Community Newspapers about Dryeco

We’re honored and proud to announce that we’ve been featured in the latest issue of Miami’s Community Newspapers for our collaborative projects with Chabad Lubavitch of Sunny Isles Beach & Aventura Hospital & Medical Center.

The article highlighted our company trip to Aventura Hospital when we donated gift cards for free dry cleaning and laundry services to the healthcare workers as well as free breakfast and other Dryeco goodies. They also mentioned our donations to the Salvation Army, our collaborative food donation, and delivery to elderly members of the community in need as they remained in lockdown for the pandemic, as well as our plans for future donations like the one we did at Aventura Hospital for other hospitals in the area.

These are unprecedented times that have hit those in need hard. We are grateful to be able to provide assistance whenever and however possible. Community support and helping others is everything! Our healthcare heroes have selflessly been on the frontlines this year and we believe they deserve a community that gives back!

Read the full article: https://en.calameo.com/read/0027917212f529cb5fb12

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Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning from Dryeco.com

Free pickup, “Kinder to your clothes”, “Service with a smile” – these are the things about their service that local dry cleaning companies offer to their customers. Another item to add to the list is their being environmentally conscious. But what does being an eco-friendly dry cleaning company really mean?

As the name implies, eco-friendly dry cleaning is all about performing your duties to clean clothes using the dry cleaning method – without putting the environment in any undue risks. Back in the days when dry cleaning companies first became popular, the only way that you can get your clothes spick-and-span is after they have gone through several harsh chemical treatments to remove stains and disinfect the fabric. There would even be times when the material will shrink because of the solvents used to clean the garment.

Fortunately, the dry cleaning method used today is much kinder to your clothes – and is really eco-friendly. This is especially true with the dry cleaning services offered by Dryeco.com. When you visit our website, you can check out the “Environmental Pledge” that we have. As a Florida-based dry cleaning company, Dryeco Green Cleaners is aware that our direct competitors – almost 95% of them – use toxic products to clean your clothes.

Naturally, we cannot stick to our Environmental Pledge if we also make use of harsh chemicals and solvents to dry clean your clothes – so it’s something that we tried to do away with. Instead of using toxic chemicals which also double up as possible carcinogens, Dryeco make use of the GreenEarth dry cleaning process. The process eliminates the need for petroleum or any kind of toxic chemical to treat your clothes with – so there’s absolutely no harm to the environment.

Another factor that you need to consider when choosing which dry cleaning company to go with is the safety of the chemicals that they are using to the wearer of the garment. As mentioned earlier, there are certain toxic chemicals, which can become carcinogens when it comes in contact with your skin – and that is not a risk that you need to put yourself under when you have your clothes dry cleaned by Dryeco Dry Cleaners.

Aside from using environment-friendly solvents and human-friendly detergents, Dryeco Dry Cleaners also offers two free laundry bags to customers, biodegradable or post-consumer packaging, and we even reuse hangers! These and more are the self-implemented environmental policies that we stick to here at Dryeco Dry Cleaners to ensure that our operations are 100% safe for Mother Nature.

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Is Perc Putting a Stain to the Reputation Dry Cleaning Industry?

Unless you want to ruin a perfectly good, expensive suit, which was stained by the cologne that your aunt or grandma wore during the holidays when you got a hug from her – it’s a good guess that you would occasionally require the services of a dry cleaning company. It’s the next best thing to keeping the pristine condition of the designer dress or Italian coat that you have.

However, the dry cleaning industry’s reputation was seemingly smeared with the existence of PERC or Perchloroethylene. It’s a solvent used by almost 90% of the dry cleaning companies from around the world. Based from the data gathered by Greenpeace, a worldwide environmental organization, thousands of tons of solvent are used on an annual basis by the dry cleaning companies all across the US and Canada.

So how did this seemingly typical dry cleaning chemical become a cause of alarm for environmentalists? The reasons are actually numerous. Aside from causing harm to Mother Nature, PERC is also a chemical, which can put your health in undue risks. To give you an idea about why this dry cleaning solvent is a no-no, take a look at its possible effects to both the environment and humans who are wearing dry-cleaned clothes treated with PERC:

  • The chemical contaminates one-fourth of the US drinking water supply, based from a study conducted by government agencies.
  • PERC has by-products including hazardous gases which are dangerous in enclosed spaces; carcinogens; liver toxins; and other harmful chemicals used as herbicides.
  • Dry cleaning workers who are constantly exposed to the chemical PERC may develop serious health problems over time as a result of exposure to the solvent.

Dryeco Cleaners Offer PERC-Free Dry Cleaning Services

Based from the aforementioned list, it is easy to see why the dominant use of PERC in the dry cleaning industry has been a cause of alarm to most environmentalists. If you want to do your share in saving Mother Nature, then you need to make sure that the dry cleaning company who you will hire to clean your clothes for you does not use this harmful chemical at all.

That is exactly the edge that we have here at Dryeco. We are among the very few dry cleaning company in this part of the country wholly certified by the GreenCleanersCouncil.com. The GreenEarth and Wet Cleaning methods that we use to clean our customers’ garments are 100% PERC-free, making us one of the most eco-friendly dry cleaners in South Florida.

At the end of the day, doing your share to stop the ruination of the environment is all a matter of learning how to choose your service providers carefully. When it comes to the dry cleaning services that you require, it does pay to go for a company which has already eliminated the use of the harmful chemical PERC – and that’s exactly what Dryeco Cleaners can offer you.

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Preventive Measures for Rugs

Rugs are best decoration and pride of their owners. Confide in Miami dry cleaning service taking care of your rugs  for them to serve you for a long time. Ecodry Miami cleaning offers you a full range of services for the rugs care. We will do what one can not do at home that is provide carpet treatment with a help of professional equipment and via the latest environmentally friendly technologies.

Our Miami cleaning experts will safely and gently relieve your carpets from dust, stains, microscopic parasites, foul  smells and pet hairs. Miami dry cleaning service is a professional dry cleaning of carpets at affordable prices. First-class materials and modern equipment allows us to remove all kinds of dirt and stains, to give back an original look and still maintain the colour and texture of the rug.

Miami cleaning of rugs as taking care of them is not as simple as one can think. No matter which way to look at it, but the household vacuum cleaner cleans only the top layer of your rug, and an attempt to remove the stain by your own forces can redouble its look.

The necessity for rugs dry cleaning in such aspects as:
– In the process of rug exploitation operation of there is formed dust or dirt, so you should provide rug dry cleaning for sanitary purposes, as well as to make the original look of it.
– unpleasant smell, which is formed by microorganisms.
– for providing general cleaning
– in order to provide house preventive measures
– In other cases, when appears any other stains.

So, taking into consideration all these factors, one should understand the necessity of dry cleaning. Therefore, Miami dry cleaning service recommend to entrust this important process to or specialists. Professional rug cleaning, manufactured in several stages, will destroy even the most stubborn dirt, remove foul smell and save your rugs from all kinds of germs.