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Why You Should Consider Wet Cleaning Your Delicate Clothes

I’ve always been partial to using one of those coin-operated machines to clean my clothes, but there are just some items which I cannot bear to watch rotating in a tumble dryer in a public laundry shop. Cashmere sweaters, my down comforter and some tops made from delicate fabrics are the ones that I send to the dry cleaners.

The problem is that I am also a big fan of saving the environment, so I try to choose dry cleaning companies which have a 100% green operation. It’s a good thing that I stumbled upon Dryeco.com. They’re a dry cleaning company based in the Miami Dade County, and they have a certification from the Green Cleaners Council.

But more than that, they are slowly introducing their customers to the benefits of wetcleaning. Rather than using the environmentally-toxic PERC or Perchloroethylene for dry cleaning, they have briefly discussed how my clothes will be cleaned using the wetcleaning method. After hearing what they had to say, I immediately said yes. Wetcleaning is basically a kinder, more eco-friendly way of cleaning your clothes – without having to use the harsh chemicals typically required with dry cleaning.

How the Process of Wetcleaning Goes

Here’s how it goes. With wetcleaning, computer-controlled washing machines are used, along with eco-friendly soaps and fabric conditioners which are milder than the typical household brands. Pressing equipment which can be specialized for the type of fabric and fiber that your clothes have is also used.

The only similarity that wetcleaning has with home washing is that water is used as a solvent. Each garment will be analyzed so that the proper water temperature can be used, as well as the strength and quantity of detergent to be used. All in all, wetcleaning is all about matching the type of fabric that your clothes have with the proper chemistry of mild cleaning agents, as well as the proper washing cycle and pressing procedure.

The best thing that I loved about having my clothes wetcleaned is the fresh, clean scent that I usually do not get when they undergo the regular dry cleaning process. In addition, wetcleaning is gentler and kinder to your clothes than handwashing, the garment feels softer to the touch, it is perfect for removing stains and it is friendlier to the environment. There’s really no reason why you should say no to wetcleaning which is the new dry cleaning, is there?

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Preventive Measures for Rugs

Rugs are best decoration and pride of their owners. Confide in Miami dry cleaning service taking care of your rugs  for them to serve you for a long time. Ecodry Miami cleaning offers you a full range of services for the rugs care. We will do what one can not do at home that is provide carpet treatment with a help of professional equipment and via the latest environmentally friendly technologies.

Our Miami cleaning experts will safely and gently relieve your carpets from dust, stains, microscopic parasites, foul  smells and pet hairs. Miami dry cleaning service is a professional dry cleaning of carpets at affordable prices. First-class materials and modern equipment allows us to remove all kinds of dirt and stains, to give back an original look and still maintain the colour and texture of the rug.

Miami cleaning of rugs as taking care of them is not as simple as one can think. No matter which way to look at it, but the household vacuum cleaner cleans only the top layer of your rug, and an attempt to remove the stain by your own forces can redouble its look.

The necessity for rugs dry cleaning in such aspects as:
– In the process of rug exploitation operation of there is formed dust or dirt, so you should provide rug dry cleaning for sanitary purposes, as well as to make the original look of it.
– unpleasant smell, which is formed by microorganisms.
– for providing general cleaning
– in order to provide house preventive measures
– In other cases, when appears any other stains.

So, taking into consideration all these factors, one should understand the necessity of dry cleaning. Therefore, Miami dry cleaning service recommend to entrust this important process to or specialists. Professional rug cleaning, manufactured in several stages, will destroy even the most stubborn dirt, remove foul smell and save your rugs from all kinds of germs.