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Dryeco Featured in Miami’s Community Newspapers for their Coronavirus Heroes Tribute Issue

Dryeco in Community NewspapersArticle in Community Newspapers about Dryeco

We’re honored and proud to announce that we’ve been featured in the latest issue of Miami’s Community Newspapers for our collaborative projects with Chabad Lubavitch of Sunny Isles Beach & Aventura Hospital & Medical Center.

The article highlighted our company trip to Aventura Hospital when we donated gift cards for free dry cleaning and laundry services to the healthcare workers as well as free breakfast and other Dryeco goodies. They also mentioned our donations to the Salvation Army, our collaborative food donation, and delivery to elderly members of the community in need as they remained in lockdown for the pandemic, as well as our plans for future donations like the one we did at Aventura Hospital for other hospitals in the area.

These are unprecedented times that have hit those in need hard. We are grateful to be able to provide assistance whenever and however possible. Community support and helping others is everything! Our healthcare heroes have selflessly been on the frontlines this year and we believe they deserve a community that gives back!

Read the full article: https://en.calameo.com/read/0027917212f529cb5fb12

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Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning from Dryeco.com

Free pickup, “Kinder to your clothes”, “Service with a smile” – these are the things about their service that local dry cleaning companies offer to their customers. Another item to add to the list is their being environmentally conscious. But what does being an eco-friendly dry cleaning company really mean?

As the name implies, eco-friendly dry cleaning is all about performing your duties to clean clothes using the dry cleaning method – without putting the environment in any undue risks. Back in the days when dry cleaning companies first became popular, the only way that you can get your clothes spick-and-span is after they have gone through several harsh chemical treatments to remove stains and disinfect the fabric. There would even be times when the material will shrink because of the solvents used to clean the garment.

Fortunately, the dry cleaning method used today is much kinder to your clothes – and is really eco-friendly. This is especially true with the dry cleaning services offered by Dryeco.com. When you visit our website, you can check out the “Environmental Pledge” that we have. As a Florida-based dry cleaning company, Dryeco Green Cleaners is aware that our direct competitors – almost 95% of them – use toxic products to clean your clothes.

Naturally, we cannot stick to our Environmental Pledge if we also make use of harsh chemicals and solvents to dry clean your clothes – so it’s something that we tried to do away with. Instead of using toxic chemicals which also double up as possible carcinogens, Dryeco make use of the GreenEarth dry cleaning process. The process eliminates the need for petroleum or any kind of toxic chemical to treat your clothes with – so there’s absolutely no harm to the environment.

Another factor that you need to consider when choosing which dry cleaning company to go with is the safety of the chemicals that they are using to the wearer of the garment. As mentioned earlier, there are certain toxic chemicals, which can become carcinogens when it comes in contact with your skin – and that is not a risk that you need to put yourself under when you have your clothes dry cleaned by Dryeco Dry Cleaners.

Aside from using environment-friendly solvents and human-friendly detergents, Dryeco Dry Cleaners also offers two free laundry bags to customers, biodegradable or post-consumer packaging, and we even reuse hangers! These and more are the self-implemented environmental policies that we stick to here at Dryeco Dry Cleaners to ensure that our operations are 100% safe for Mother Nature.

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Miami Dry Cleaning Services

All property differs, but cleaning services always should be the same perfect either. Our team members listen carefully and understand your requirements. Miami dry cleaning provide such service that is to fit both your lifestyle as well as your budget. If you eve have needs up to cleaning service, our friendly staffers are able to assist you with your cleaning issues.

You can trust eco dry cleaning service, because our Miami dry cleaning provides all its services with lots of care. Our staff is truly dedicated to performing you with a well-done job. We do the eco dry cleaning to be outstanding, so we check every time over if anything has been missed.

Having a great reputation in professional eco dry cleaning service, we are proud of what we do and the way it’s performed. Our eco dry cleaning services have methodical approach to the cleaning process in whole.

We possess of such services, providing brilliant domestic cleaning services. Our experienced professional cleaning Company is developing constantly in cleaning services. The cleaning services are one of the fastest growing industries nowadays, where domestic services are the most often used services among the other ones.

We sure that quality should be at affordable prices, so we do our best in providing a value-for-money service according to all cleaning aspects. We perform such the domestic cleaning services, which usually based on long-term relationship up to the customer. We have individual approach fro each our customer and, of course, appreciate individual demands and needs.

Our staffers always will give you a hand with advising and recommending the best options and strategy for your property. So, your home will be supplied with capable and highly trained maids. Our team is a really dedicated one and always provides our clients with quality domestic and other cleaning services. Our goal is to perform excellent care for each customer and to provide professionally performed cleaning services daily, weekly, monthly and so on.

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The way our company works

To explain the way Our Green Cleaners Company works, you should understand the dry cleaning basics. There exist a huge number of models and makes up to cleaning machines, they are all still have the same principle of working as well as function. A cleaning machine holds fabrics or clothes in the perforated basket with the clothes being rotated there.

Up to solvent that is used in the process of dry cleaning, the cleaning quality, soil removal degree, the freshness, the colour brightness, the softness and the odor depend on the degree up to th cleaner controls the filter and also solvent condition.

Our Green Cleaners Company prides of services we have, of its quality and, of course, skilled and attentive eco dry cleaning staff. Our team carefully performs the proper cleaning cycles according to your garments. Facilities of our eco friendly dry cleaners are such of professional equipment and also chemical preparations as water, air, steam and, of course, vacuum. All this cleaning process means that all the stubborn stains will be removed. And the final phase up to the dry cleaning process and dry cleaning operations includes finishing, pressing, ironing, steaming and also making necessary repairs in a case it should take place for restoring the garment.

When the clothes is cleaned, so it’s pressed or “finished” anyway. So, up to it there are the next steps:
– to soften the garment
– quick drying
– removing the steam with vacuum or with air
– applying pressure according to the garment

Our Company provides the highest quality of professional eco friendly dry cleaners. Our Green Cleaners team uses only the most efficient products for a purpose to give a quality result to our planet and, of course, our customers.
Our Company goes above and beyond to ensure you that your garments receive only professional customer eco friendly dry cleaners service and top-quality care.