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The Ratings System of the Green Cleaners Council

No matter which industry it is that a business is in, there would always be standards that they need to stick to in order to ensure quality across the board.  Here at Dryeco, our goal is not just to stick to the industry standards, but even excel the expectations of our direct competitors, colleagues, suppliers and clients. This is especially true when it comes to the ways that we observe to ensure that our business has a 100% green operation.

It’s precisely the reason why Dryeco has become one of the very few dry cleaning companies in the Miami Dade County area, which is wholly certified by the Green Cleaners Council.

A Glimpse at the Rating System Enforced by the Green Cleaners Council

First, what exactly is the Green Cleaners Council and what makes their certification so important for those who are in the dry cleaning industry? Basically, they are an organization whose mission is to provide consumers with a way to measure just how green their dry cleaning company is. In addition they also provide professional cleaners a way to tell their own clients about just how eco-friendly they are through the help of the Green Cleaners Council seal – something that you can see in our Dryeco.com website.

Next, here are some of the factors that the Green Cleaners Council consider when providing certification to a dry cleaning company like Dryeco.com:

  • What are your wetcleaning capabilities?
  • How do you recycle hangers, plastic, water, etc.?
  • What type of technology do you invest in which exceeds the existing government environmental regulations?
  • How about water and energy conservation, or the use of an alternative energy program?
  • Does your company provide education and training in environmental regulations, as well as wetcleaning technical training to employees?

Dryeco wouldn’t have obtained the nod of the Green Cleaners Council if we weren’t able to meet the standards that they have, based from our answers to the sample questionnaire.

What’s good about the standards that the Green Cleaners Council is enforcing is that because more and more dry cleaning companies would like to earn their certification – business owners are actually investing in equipment and training to have a more eco-friendly operation! This will benefit the dry cleaning industry as a whole.

More importantly, if all dry cleaning companies would have the Green Cleaners Council certification that Dryeco has – the industry would lose its reputation as being harmful to the environment, which would benefit clients and business owners, as well as Mother Nature.

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Make Your Wedding Memories Last a Lifetime with Wedding Gown Cleaning and & Preservation Services

After saying your “I dos”, feeding the guests and dancing the night away, the only things that you will have left of your wedding are the memories and the souvenirs. Aside from the photos, another item which you can preserve for posterity’s sake is your wedding gown. Naturally, after wearing it for an entire day, there would be stains that need to be removed.

With the delicate fabric, beadwork and other details that your wedding gown has, it deserves to cleaned and preserved with utmost care. This is where the services of a wedding gown cleaning and preservation company comes in.

How Dryeco Preserves your Dress for a Lifetime of Souvenirs

If you live in the Miami Dade county area or one of the neighboring cities, you can always rely on Dryeco to clean and preserve your wedding gown for you. Dryeco is a dry cleaning company which is certified by the Green Cleaners Council, and they offer the following services:

  • Alterations
  • Couture garment cleaning
  • Dry cleaning and laundry
  • Free pickup and delivery
  • Households
  • Rugs cleaning
  • Shoe repairs
  • Wedding gown cleaning

So how does Dryeco go about preserving your wedding gown so that the delicate garment can be cleaned and preserved after use? The first thing that Dryeco does is to check and treat all the stains – inch by inch. This painstaking attention to detail is what sets Dryeco apart from other companies offering gown preservation services.

After inspecting the garment, the specific cleaning method that the wedding gown requires will be applied, so that the original ‘glow’ and quality of the fabric will be restored. Finally, after cleaning and pressing the gown, it will be placed in an acid-free box which has a clear cover for easy viewing.

As mentioned earlier, Dryeco is a Green Cleaner Council-certified dry cleaning company – so taking advantage of their wedding gown cleaning and preservation services will also allow you to do your share in helping save the environment.

At the end of the day, your wedding gown is one of the best physical souvenirs that you can preserve from your wedding. So it is a must for you to get a dry cleaning company which specializes in wedding gown cleaning and preservation. This way, you can rest assured that the fabric will be treated with utmost care and the gown will be preserved in all its white glory.

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Why Waste Gas Driving to the Dry Cleaners When You Can Have Them Pick it Up?

Back in the days, my routine consisted of waking up, traveling to the office, stopping by the dry cleaners to pick up my clothes and then driving back home. Thank goodness I had the sense to pick up a dry cleaning company which is located en route to my home, otherwise I’ll end up wasting gas and my time driving to and from the cleaners.

I live in the Miami Dade county, and thank goodness I stumbled upon a dry cleaning company called Dryeco. They’re a relatively new dry cleaning company – but I’ve been a loyal customer from day one. They offer dry cleaning and laundry services, in addition to alterations; wedding gown preservation; shoe repair; couture garment cleaning – and they can even get your rug back to its former pristine quality!

Free Pickup and Delivery in Dade and Broward from Dryeco

Another thing that I liked about the services provided by Dryeco is that they offer free delivery and pick up services within the Dade and Broward area. Whether I’m in the office or at home, the friendly associates from the company will come by and pick up the clothes that I need dry cleaned – for free! After the allotted time, they will also deliver the clothes at my home.

Even if you live in areas outside Dade and Broward, I do recommend that you shoulder the charges for delivery and pickup simply because it’s extremely convenient. More importantly, Dryeco ensures that their customers can get in touch with them through all possible mediums – be it online or over the phone.

Finally, I learned that Dryeco is certified by the Green Cleaners Council – so you can rest assured that the dry cleaning methods and solvents that they use are not harmful to the environment at all. This is another thing which attracted me to try out their dry cleaning services in the first place.

I know, I may sound like I’m touting the services of Dryeco too much – but you have to try it to believe it. So why waste gas driving to the dry cleaners to have your clothes cleaned when there’s a company like Dryeco which offers free pickup and delivery services?

You can use the time that you will save for more important things, it’ll be utterly convenient for busy women like myself, and you will also be doing your share to save Mother Nature at the same time. Really, there’s nothing much that you can ask for from a dry cleaning company, is there?

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Office and Home Cleaning

Office cleaning Miami is one of the best our dryeco services. Nevertheless it’s office carpet cleaning, one-off cleaning – we are able to perform you this sort of services. Also dry cleaning services Miami provide common area cleaning Miami service for building’s common parts to be cleaned up as well as tidied up at all times.

Our dryeco cleaning services Miami have a really huge experience up to cleaning office buildings, so we can announce for sure dryeco cleaning Company is one of the top providers according to office cleaning. If you expect high quality cleaning of a property, so our cleaning services are there for you.

Our Company ensures you we have high tech facilities and are able to make cleaning you will be satisfied with. Many clients nowadays require a professionally cleaned property and with high standards, and that’s why our services meet your needs and requirements. Dry cleaning services Miami have a very detailed scope up to works check-list. Our services also provide a huge range of additional services. View our services check-list to understand more deeply what we can offer you.

As to one-off office service cleaning, it’s usually required by corporate customers. That is because there is no need for their working places to be cleaned regularly and when a need arises, they book this service. This opportunity is quiet suitable for places with rarely used areas.

Also there exist such service as one-off cleaning. It’s partly intersected with a good spring cleaning. Our dry cleaning services Miami provide full-scale home cleaning, e.g. for your guests or for returning from your holidays, or even in a case you’d like to be prepared for the new season. Just let us know about service you’d like to have and we will perform you such cleaning service. Give us any particular cleaning task and our staffers will be glad to provide you whatever you want up to it.