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Back in the days, my routine consisted of waking up, traveling to the office, stopping by the dry cleaners to pick up my clothes and then driving back home. Thank goodness I had the sense to pick up a dry cleaning company which is located en route to my home, otherwise I’ll end up wasting gas and my time driving to and from the cleaners.

I live in the Miami Dade county, and thank goodness I stumbled upon a dry cleaning company called Dryeco. They’re a relatively new dry cleaning company – but I’ve been a loyal customer from day one. They offer dry cleaning and laundry services, in addition to alterations; wedding gown preservation; shoe repair; couture garment cleaning – and they can even get your rug back to its former pristine quality!

Free Pickup and Delivery in Dade and Broward from Dryeco

Another thing that I liked about the services provided by Dryeco is that they offer free delivery and pick up services within the Dade and Broward area. Whether I’m in the office or at home, the friendly associates from the company will come by and pick up the clothes that I need dry cleaned – for free! After the allotted time, they will also deliver the clothes at my home.

Even if you live in areas outside Dade and Broward, I do recommend that you shoulder the charges for delivery and pickup simply because it’s extremely convenient. More importantly, Dryeco ensures that their customers can get in touch with them through all possible mediums – be it online or over the phone.

Finally, I learned that Dryeco is certified by the Green Cleaners Council – so you can rest assured that the dry cleaning methods and solvents that they use are not harmful to the environment at all. This is another thing which attracted me to try out their dry cleaning services in the first place.

I know, I may sound like I’m touting the services of Dryeco too much – but you have to try it to believe it. So why waste gas driving to the dry cleaners to have your clothes cleaned when there’s a company like Dryeco which offers free pickup and delivery services?

You can use the time that you will save for more important things, it’ll be utterly convenient for busy women like myself, and you will also be doing your share to save Mother Nature at the same time. Really, there’s nothing much that you can ask for from a dry cleaning company, is there?

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