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Dryeco’s Environmental Pledge & the GreenEarth Cleaning Seal

You don’t have to be a tree-hugging environmentalist to know that in your own little way, you need to take steps in order to help stop the ruin of the environment. Since the film “An Inconvenient Truth” came out a few years ago, the entire world has been abuzz about the term climate change – and there’s absolutely no reason for us to stop our Earth-saving efforts now.

Even if you’re not a staunch supporter of environmental organizations like GreenPeace, you can do your share by patronizing only companies which has 100% green operation. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a Miami-based company called Dryeco – and a truly green operation is what they promised me as a customer. And I believe them. One look at the official website of Dryeco and you will already see that they have this Environmental Pledge, which indicates that they have a PERC-free operation.

Instead of using the harsh chemicals and solvents like PERC to dry clean clothes, they actually have obtained the GreenEarth Cleaning seal.

Dryeco is one of the few companies in the Miami-Dade area which successfully obtained the GreenEarth Cleaning stamp of approval. So what does this mean, exactly? GreenEarth Cleaning is actually the world’s largest solution provider for eco-friendly dry cleaning.

As mentioned earlier, companies like Dryeco do not use harmful chemicals like PERC anymore, so GreenEarth cleaning is the more eco-friendly alternative.  The company was founded in 1999 and since then, they have already been providing a solution for dry cleaning companies to literally clean up their act and stop using solvents and chemicals which pollute the environment.

This alternative solution comes in the form of liquid silicone, the ‘mother material’ of which is silica or sand. If you’re not already familiar with the dry cleaning process, it actually uses a liquid other than water to remove stains on garments. So when you get the services of a company like Dryeco which has the GreenEarth Cleaning seal, you can rest assured that they are only using the safe alternative to harsh PERCT – and that’s none other than liquid silicone. The good news for homeowners is that not only will you be able to do your share in helping save the environment by getting the services of a company like Dryeco. The end result is that you will also enjoy a gentler treatment on your clothes, restoring the suppleness and smoothness of the original fabric while taking care of even the most delicate fabrics at the same time.

With Dryeco’s Environmental Pledge and GreenEarth Cleaning’s seal of approval, you can send your garments to the dry cleaners with no guilt – because you know that the process that they are using is 100% safe for the environment and to you as the wearer of the clothes.

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Why Waste Gas Driving to the Dry Cleaners When You Can Have Them Pick it Up?

Back in the days, my routine consisted of waking up, traveling to the office, stopping by the dry cleaners to pick up my clothes and then driving back home. Thank goodness I had the sense to pick up a dry cleaning company which is located en route to my home, otherwise I’ll end up wasting gas and my time driving to and from the cleaners.

I live in the Miami Dade county, and thank goodness I stumbled upon a dry cleaning company called Dryeco. They’re a relatively new dry cleaning company – but I’ve been a loyal customer from day one. They offer dry cleaning and laundry services, in addition to alterations; wedding gown preservation; shoe repair; couture garment cleaning – and they can even get your rug back to its former pristine quality!

Free Pickup and Delivery in Dade and Broward from Dryeco

Another thing that I liked about the services provided by Dryeco is that they offer free delivery and pick up services within the Dade and Broward area. Whether I’m in the office or at home, the friendly associates from the company will come by and pick up the clothes that I need dry cleaned – for free! After the allotted time, they will also deliver the clothes at my home.

Even if you live in areas outside Dade and Broward, I do recommend that you shoulder the charges for delivery and pickup simply because it’s extremely convenient. More importantly, Dryeco ensures that their customers can get in touch with them through all possible mediums – be it online or over the phone.

Finally, I learned that Dryeco is certified by the Green Cleaners Council – so you can rest assured that the dry cleaning methods and solvents that they use are not harmful to the environment at all. This is another thing which attracted me to try out their dry cleaning services in the first place.

I know, I may sound like I’m touting the services of Dryeco too much – but you have to try it to believe it. So why waste gas driving to the dry cleaners to have your clothes cleaned when there’s a company like Dryeco which offers free pickup and delivery services?

You can use the time that you will save for more important things, it’ll be utterly convenient for busy women like myself, and you will also be doing your share to save Mother Nature at the same time. Really, there’s nothing much that you can ask for from a dry cleaning company, is there?

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Dryeco Partners with Ecomb.org to Effect Environmental Change

What do you get when you put together two organizations whose goal is to promote the good of the environment? Through each organization’s efforts, environmental changes will be effected, people will be educated and more of the community will be engaged. This is exactly the goal of the partnership created between Dryeco Cleaners and Ecomb.org.

To give you an idea about what these two separate entities do, here’s a quick introduction of each.

First, Dryeco Cleaners is a Miami-based dry cleaning company founded in 2007. When you visit the website of Dryeco Cleaners, you will be able to access the Environmental Pledge that they have which just goes to show how committed they are to helping save the environment.

Dryeco Cleaners has the GreenEarth Cleaning seal, which simply means that instead of using environmentally-harsh solvents and chemicals to run their business, they use GreenEarth Cleaning products instead. Right now, Dryeco is one of the most successful and fastest-growing dry cleaning company in the Miami-Dade area.

So what about Ecomb.org which forged a partnership with Dryeco Cleaners? Basically, ECOMB is an environmental non-profit organization founded in 1994. Their goal as a non-profit organization is to promote environmental sustainability while preserving the community’s ecology at the same time. Here’s a quick look at the objectives that ECOMB has as an environmental community:

  • To help reduce the amount of litter in the beaches within the Miami-Dade county.
  • To improve the country’s recycling rate.
  • To promote, preserve and restore coastal habitats.
  • To decrease the community’s carbon footprint.

The reason why ECOMB forges a partnership with businesses like Dryeco is to work with other entities like national non-profit organizations, schools and other government agencies to conduct the eco-friendly projects that they have.

It is no wonder why ECOMB has chosen to work along with Dryeco Cleaners – because since its inception, the business has already built a name for itself by being one of the greenest – if not the greenest – dry cleaning companies in the Miami-Dade area. They even have the GreenEarth Cleaning seal to show for it.

Through the partnership that Dryeco and ECOMB has, more and more members of the Miami-Dade community will become aware of what businesses and non-profit organizations are doing to help save the environment – so that they will hopefully do their share in saving Mother Nature, too.

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The way our company works

To explain the way Our Green Cleaners Company works, you should understand the dry cleaning basics. There exist a huge number of models and makes up to cleaning machines, they are all still have the same principle of working as well as function. A cleaning machine holds fabrics or clothes in the perforated basket with the clothes being rotated there.

Up to solvent that is used in the process of dry cleaning, the cleaning quality, soil removal degree, the freshness, the colour brightness, the softness and the odor depend on the degree up to th cleaner controls the filter and also solvent condition.

Our Green Cleaners Company prides of services we have, of its quality and, of course, skilled and attentive eco dry cleaning staff. Our team carefully performs the proper cleaning cycles according to your garments. Facilities of our eco friendly dry cleaners are such of professional equipment and also chemical preparations as water, air, steam and, of course, vacuum. All this cleaning process means that all the stubborn stains will be removed. And the final phase up to the dry cleaning process and dry cleaning operations includes finishing, pressing, ironing, steaming and also making necessary repairs in a case it should take place for restoring the garment.

When the clothes is cleaned, so it’s pressed or “finished” anyway. So, up to it there are the next steps:
– to soften the garment
– quick drying
– removing the steam with vacuum or with air
– applying pressure according to the garment

Our Company provides the highest quality of professional eco friendly dry cleaners. Our Green Cleaners team uses only the most efficient products for a purpose to give a quality result to our planet and, of course, our customers.
Our Company goes above and beyond to ensure you that your garments receive only professional customer eco friendly dry cleaners service and top-quality care.