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You don’t have to be a tree-hugging environmentalist to know that in your own little way, you need to take steps in order to help stop the ruin of the environment. Since the film “An Inconvenient Truth” came out a few years ago, the entire world has been abuzz about the term climate change – and there’s absolutely no reason for us to stop our Earth-saving efforts now.

Even if you’re not a staunch supporter of environmental organizations like GreenPeace, you can do your share by patronizing only companies which has 100% green operation. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a Miami-based company called Dryeco – and a truly green operation is what they promised me as a customer. And I believe them. One look at the official website of Dryeco and you will already see that they have this Environmental Pledge, which indicates that they have a PERC-free operation.

Instead of using the harsh chemicals and solvents like PERC to dry clean clothes, they actually have obtained the GreenEarth Cleaning seal.

Dryeco is one of the few companies in the Miami-Dade area which successfully obtained the GreenEarth Cleaning stamp of approval. So what does this mean, exactly? GreenEarth Cleaning is actually the world’s largest solution provider for eco-friendly dry cleaning.

As mentioned earlier, companies like Dryeco do not use harmful chemicals like PERC anymore, so GreenEarth cleaning is the more eco-friendly alternative.  The company was founded in 1999 and since then, they have already been providing a solution for dry cleaning companies to literally clean up their act and stop using solvents and chemicals which pollute the environment.

This alternative solution comes in the form of liquid silicone, the ‘mother material’ of which is silica or sand. If you’re not already familiar with the dry cleaning process, it actually uses a liquid other than water to remove stains on garments. So when you get the services of a company like Dryeco which has the GreenEarth Cleaning seal, you can rest assured that they are only using the safe alternative to harsh PERCT – and that’s none other than liquid silicone. The good news for homeowners is that not only will you be able to do your share in helping save the environment by getting the services of a company like Dryeco. The end result is that you will also enjoy a gentler treatment on your clothes, restoring the suppleness and smoothness of the original fabric while taking care of even the most delicate fabrics at the same time.

With Dryeco’s Environmental Pledge and GreenEarth Cleaning’s seal of approval, you can send your garments to the dry cleaners with no guilt – because you know that the process that they are using is 100% safe for the environment and to you as the wearer of the clothes.

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