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Is Perc Putting a Stain to the Reputation Dry Cleaning Industry?

Unless you want to ruin a perfectly good, expensive suit, which was stained by the cologne that your aunt or grandma wore during the holidays when you got a hug from her – it’s a good guess that you would occasionally require the services of a dry cleaning company. It’s the next best thing to keeping the pristine condition of the designer dress or Italian coat that you have.

However, the dry cleaning industry’s reputation was seemingly smeared with the existence of PERC or Perchloroethylene. It’s a solvent used by almost 90% of the dry cleaning companies from around the world. Based from the data gathered by Greenpeace, a worldwide environmental organization, thousands of tons of solvent are used on an annual basis by the dry cleaning companies all across the US and Canada.

So how did this seemingly typical dry cleaning chemical become a cause of alarm for environmentalists? The reasons are actually numerous. Aside from causing harm to Mother Nature, PERC is also a chemical, which can put your health in undue risks. To give you an idea about why this dry cleaning solvent is a no-no, take a look at its possible effects to both the environment and humans who are wearing dry-cleaned clothes treated with PERC:

  • The chemical contaminates one-fourth of the US drinking water supply, based from a study conducted by government agencies.
  • PERC has by-products including hazardous gases which are dangerous in enclosed spaces; carcinogens; liver toxins; and other harmful chemicals used as herbicides.
  • Dry cleaning workers who are constantly exposed to the chemical PERC may develop serious health problems over time as a result of exposure to the solvent.

Dryeco Cleaners Offer PERC-Free Dry Cleaning Services

Based from the aforementioned list, it is easy to see why the dominant use of PERC in the dry cleaning industry has been a cause of alarm to most environmentalists. If you want to do your share in saving Mother Nature, then you need to make sure that the dry cleaning company who you will hire to clean your clothes for you does not use this harmful chemical at all.

That is exactly the edge that we have here at Dryeco. We are among the very few dry cleaning company in this part of the country wholly certified by the GreenCleanersCouncil.com. The GreenEarth and Wet Cleaning methods that we use to clean our customers’ garments are 100% PERC-free, making us one of the most eco-friendly dry cleaners in South Florida.

At the end of the day, doing your share to stop the ruination of the environment is all a matter of learning how to choose your service providers carefully. When it comes to the dry cleaning services that you require, it does pay to go for a company which has already eliminated the use of the harmful chemical PERC – and that’s exactly what Dryeco Cleaners can offer you.

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High Quality Dry Cleaning of Couture Clothing

Our Coral Gables dry cleaning company offers quality services for clothes cleaning of clothes, especially couture clothes. Coral Gables dry cleaners is chosen by those who take care of their things, trying to look nice and neat. Most of our clients are regular, because we do our work quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Probably each of us is faced with the problem of impurity of things: whether it is an expensive suit or your favorite evening dress. But what to do in a situation where for very delicate textile the usual laundry does not fit it? The main solution for it is seeking for professional help. Expensive thing needs special, gentle care, and in this case laundry and dry cleaning will help you.

Good Coral Gables dry cleaners can give back an original look for your clothes without spoiling the look of the item. Modern technologies allow to gently and carefully remove any impurities without changing the structure of the textile. So why not to give your favourite things to professionals who will find an individual approach to each clothes item.  A good Coral Gables dry cleaner quickly produce cleaning, washing, stain withdrawing of any complexity and provide gentle care of your things, using cutting-edge tools for the care of any kind of textile.

But sometimes it is hard to find professionals, who promptly and quickly can remove unpleasant spots from a suit or bring to rights your favorite evening dress. So you just need to trust your couture thing to a Coral Gables dry cleaning company that works for years. Using the above techniques, Coral Gables dry cleaners will relieve your clothes from nasty stains in a relatively short time. We’d like to do everything possible to update your clothes and to emphasize the dignity of your appearance. Our dryeco cleaning company has friendly service, individual approach to each client and the opportunity to get your favorite clothes in perfect form as soon as possible.

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Professional Domestic Cleaning Services

Our Company believes that positive approach and attitude to customers is quiet crucial. Working around pets isn’t a problem to us. Our dry cleaners Miami services always test and train cleaning personnel providing flexibility of domestic cleaning Miami. As to our cleaning Miami services we offer competitive prices and also they depend on frequency and availability of the service visits.

Dry cleaners Miami is one of the leading eco friendly cleaning Company. We offer an eco cleaning Miami service for home purposes that is we are focused on your home facilities. Our Company uses only eco friendly products, which protect you and your family’s health.

Businesses approach is a very important aspect to us, because high cleaning standards and brilliant customer service are essential elements up to cleaning services. Our dedicated staff provides professional cleaning services for a purpose to save your time and money.

We also understand that it is really important to have more enjoyable and healthier living and working environment. According to years of experience, we have excellent service and have worked with lots of clients, so e know nowadays cleaning needs and requirements. Our staff works hard to meet these needs reflected on our cleaning services.

Cleaning Miami services of our Company includes such services as rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and so on. We are there for you to implement efficient cleaning service. Visit our site to see variety of services we have and you can also talk to us to know the way we work more closely.

As to cleaning services, each customer has different demands, opinion and view, that’s why we perform individual approach for every single project up to cleaning services. So, be sure to trust cleaning of your households to our staff and we will provide you the best services you’d like to have.

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The way our company works

To explain the way Our Green Cleaners Company works, you should understand the dry cleaning basics. There exist a huge number of models and makes up to cleaning machines, they are all still have the same principle of working as well as function. A cleaning machine holds fabrics or clothes in the perforated basket with the clothes being rotated there.

Up to solvent that is used in the process of dry cleaning, the cleaning quality, soil removal degree, the freshness, the colour brightness, the softness and the odor depend on the degree up to th cleaner controls the filter and also solvent condition.

Our Green Cleaners Company prides of services we have, of its quality and, of course, skilled and attentive eco dry cleaning staff. Our team carefully performs the proper cleaning cycles according to your garments. Facilities of our eco friendly dry cleaners are such of professional equipment and also chemical preparations as water, air, steam and, of course, vacuum. All this cleaning process means that all the stubborn stains will be removed. And the final phase up to the dry cleaning process and dry cleaning operations includes finishing, pressing, ironing, steaming and also making necessary repairs in a case it should take place for restoring the garment.

When the clothes is cleaned, so it’s pressed or “finished” anyway. So, up to it there are the next steps:
– to soften the garment
– quick drying
– removing the steam with vacuum or with air
– applying pressure according to the garment

Our Company provides the highest quality of professional eco friendly dry cleaners. Our Green Cleaners team uses only the most efficient products for a purpose to give a quality result to our planet and, of course, our customers.
Our Company goes above and beyond to ensure you that your garments receive only professional customer eco friendly dry cleaners service and top-quality care.