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There exist a huge variety of stains that are best described as yolk, ice cream, milk, egg, certain food stains, blood, so these are stains up to byproducts of the human and also animal body and eco dry cleaning South Beach will give you a hand with it. These stains are kind of a challenge and need a proper procedure for them to be removed form garments and undergo a South Beach laundry.

Talking about the process of stain removal in eco dry cleaning South Beach, one should mention that there exists a standard solution according to the procedure of dry cleaning. The very first thing is an implementing of pretest via unexposed garment area that is before removing the actual stain from the clothes. The most widespread stain is the blood stain when using eco dry cleaning South Beach.

So, what is the way of the blood stain removal? The main factors influences on the blood stain removal are digester, neutral lubricant, protein type stain removal agent, bleach, levelling agent. The main steps for the blood stain removal are the next via laundry South Beach:

1. Implement a pretest according to an unexposed area of the clothes to observe whether it will withstand the blood removal procedure.
2. Then it’s necessary to put a towel under this stained area. Sometimes, there is no need to go farther, because it can be the last step to remove the blood stain.
3. In a case the stain remains on the garment, the very thing here is to apply such a stain removal agent as neutral lubricant according to the stained area.
4. If there still a stain, so reapply neutral lubricant. And after it apply a stain removal agent for removing protein type stains.
5. Then tamp carefully with a help of the spotting brush.
6. The next measure is to place a towel under the stained area and flush it with steam. Nearly always at this stage all stains have been removed.

This type of a stain is very common using laundry service in South Beach. And this information is the one that make clear the way stains are removed by a dry cleaner.

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