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Cleanness is our profession. Thus, Miami Dryeco is specialized in dry cleaning that is dry cleaning clothes, dry cleaning of your special couture garments, laundry, dry cleaning of households, wedding gowns and rugs as well as in shoe repair and alterations of clothes in a way it will be redesign.

If you need Miami dry cleaning services that will serve you at time and in a right way, use our dryeco cleaning, Miami laundry service and you won’t be disappointed. Miami dry cleaning will quickly and carefully execute your order. Own dry cleaners allows us to control the full cycle of the process, from pickup to delivery of the order. Our Miami dry cleaning services are provided by experienced craftsmen using the latest cleaning products and equipment.

We work with the products of any value, and take out any difficulty. If you need dry clothes of your very special clothes, we provide dry cleaning with a special care and with a help of our high tech dry cleaners. All items will be taken directly to your home or office, and returned after cleaning back to the address. Dry cleaning of clothes is always there for you in close proximity.

And what about laundry service? You have a lot of laundry, but no time or desire for treating it? Trust Miami dry cleaning service and confide in our laundry service! Along with Miami dry cleaning, laundry in our company is also a smoothly running process. Laundry not only gives a fresh look to clothes, but also disinfects things from lots of the microbes. All things are dried after washing, then carefully folded and packed.

Trusting us, you do not need to undertake this routine any more. Both dry cleaning and laundry are such professional services, which consist of modern equipment. Be sure, you will be satisfied with our work. Take care of things you love, and leave the dry cleaning to the professionals!

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